About Me

My name is Dennis Martinez and I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently residing in Miami, Florida. I have been a A+, Network +, MCP certified computer technician for more than 15 years, and help in the creation, registration and maintenance of personal and business web sites. I help with technology consultation on everything from computers, smartphones, home theaters, audio/video setups and applications, video/audio/photo editing, and network setup and maintenance.

My hobbies include gadgets, computers, internet research and browsing, retro video gaming, vegan cooking, movies, music and exercise. I follow classic arcade and pinball news and try to attend pinball expos when possible. I am also an assistant dog trainer for my wife who offers training and consultation services at www.sheyladogs.com

My daily mantra and Quote to help me through the day:
“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

Daily mantras from tinybuddha.com


To contact me: dennismartinez@gmail.com

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